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PE Rattan Comparisons


PE Rattan Comparisons

If you are trying to work out whether to go wood, iron, plastic/resin or PE Rattan, this will hopefully go some way to helping you make your decision.

Perhaps still the most popular material for Garden Furniture and without a doubt very beautiful – for the first few months!  Wood is a natural product and as such, requires a great deal of maintenance to keep it looking as young and healthy as it once was! You can’t really cover wood up in the winter, as it needs to breathe, but leaving it out in the elements makes it susceptible and the snow, ice, wind, rain, sun and pollution all take their toll on wood products.

Some of the things that you need to bear in mind with wooden garden furniture:

  • You will need to sand it down after every winter, oil it and treat it, and then continue doing so all season.
  • Some woods are at risk of mould if left untreated.
  • In the heat/wet, your wood furniture will crack or split and fade.
  • Untreated wood will splinter, and if left untreated, will not be as aesthetically pleasing to look at or pleasant to touch.
  • Predators like termites and some insects, e.g. wasps, are attracted to wood furniture as they “scrape” the surface to use for building their nests.

Metal (Wrought Iron):
Another beautiful product, and durable, they can be quite expensive and require routine maintenance.

  • Wrought Iron furniture can rust, so will need repainting with sealant or paint yearly
  • Paint can chip off wrought iron easily, and exposing the iron beneath to moisture from rain, snow or humidity can render the iron susceptible to rust which in turn, can compromise the strength of the material
  • Wrought Iron can be quite heavy to move around
  • Designs do not historically include sofa sets or loungers and is really limited to dining sets only
  • Can be uncomfortable to sit on for long periods of time

Plastic (Resin):
Still quite popular, plastic patio / garden furniture has come on quite a lot in recent years but there are some major disadvantages:

  • Some plastic furniture is very unstable and can topple/fall over very easily
  • Plastic tends to be very easily damaged, and breakages can, and do, occur quite often
  • Too much heat or cold can cause the furniture’s structure to deteriorate
  • Water stains appear very easily on plastic furniture and it is difficult to keep clean
  • To keep the plastic furniture strong, it will need to be brought in and cannot stay out at all times.
  • Some designs are not as aesthetically pleasing as the other options for outdoor furniture

PE Rattan:
Needing no introduction, PE Rattan is really the new kid on the block as far as materials for outdoor and garden furniture goes.  In the last couple of years, Oceans have also noticed a big swing for people looking to use this in conservatories and indoor spaces as well.  A couple of things to bear in mind when buying Oceans PE Rattan:

  • Oceans furniture is truly All Weather, so can stay outside, however, cushions supplied with sets will need storing during any wet weather or when not in use for long periods of time.
  • Oceans furniture is really maintenance free, leaving you nothing to do in the spring and summer except enjoy your furniture and your garden.
  • Oceans furniture is not only good for outdoor spaces, but also indoor spaces (e.g. conservatories, pool houses, etc) and for boats, as the salt water will not corrode the frame or the weave.
  • Oceans design their own furniture and quality check the goods from design through to delivery in to our UK based warehouse.
  • Oceans hold its own stock, in the UK, for immediate supply to customers.
  • Oceans offer a delivery and set up service utilising our own transport and staff.
  • Oceans are the company to buy your PE Rattan Garden Furniture from.